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Weight Loss Team and its Bariatric Surgeons in Puerto Vallarta Mexico want you to know that so far to date there have been no cases of the COVID-19 Corona Virus in the hospital that is being used for surgery, the CMQ Riviera Nayarit as they have designated this hospital for elective surgeries due to the fact that Puerto Vallarta, in general, has very few reported cases of COVID19 and business is operating as normal.  There are other hospitals in the city that are treating COVID-19 cases but the CMQ Riviera Nayarit is COVID-19 free.  This may change in the future but is true to date.

Please note that if you are considering weight loss surgery in another location, the city of Tijuana has the second-highest infection rate and cases of COVID19 in all of Mexico and every single hospital in the city is dealing with the virus, making Puerto Vallarta a much safer option when considering having weight loss surgery in Mexico, especially since there are no cases at the hospital we are using.

For your peace of mind, Weight Loss Team has started a new Peace of Mind Guarantee Program for all patients who have either booked their surgery or are thinking about booking their weight loss surgery here in Puerto Vallarta.

The Peace of Mind Guarantee allows you to make your nonrefundable deposit now, thus locking in the current price for your surgery (most likely the prices of the surgery will be increasing after the Corona Virus due to increased cost in medical supplies). Also once booked you may postpone and change your date of surgery as needed without losing your deposit. (typically we allow one change and it must be within a year from your date of deposit) Here however we are allowing as many changes as needed and if need be more than one year from the date of deposit.

If you make your deposit and start your preop diet, once you are able to travel the bariatric surgeons at Weight Loss Team will be able to do your surgery immediately since you will be all set and doing the preop diet. This will, in fact, expedite your surgery date if you choose.  All surgeries MUST be performed in Puerto Vallarta for this Peace of Mind Guarantee to apply to your deposit.

You may make your deposit by following this link:

Please contact the office at if you have any questions or want to schedule and start getting ready for your weight loss journey.

The Weight Loss Team Staff

The Weight Loss Team

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